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Since 1995, Icera has established a reputation amongst professionals for excellence in one-piece toilets with performance flushing and premium design.

A premium toilet is the most technically-complex item in the bathroom, and we take pride in being at the forefront of product innovation. We focus on one-piece, chair-height toilets that have unmatched water efficiency and flushing performance, more than enough for any residential or commercial need. Icera toilets have been independently tested by national laboratories to deliver industry-leading performance and efficiency.

In step with our focus on innovation, Icera's product selection emphasizes contemporary and transitional style elements for a balance of modern form and function. In addition to high-efficiency toilets, we also offer matching lavatories and product suites for a complete, unified bathroom experience.

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This page is just a taste and overview of the toilets that we have on display and in stock.  All of the toilets we distribute provide the best in flushing capability with design and economy in perfect balance.


Founded in 1941, Caroma is Australia’s foremost designer and manufacturer of plumbing fixtures and bathroom products. Since Australia is the driest inhabitable continent on the planet, Caroma has been focused on finding new ways to save water in the bathroom for decades.

For this reason, Caroma toilets are virtually impossible to clog, thereby delivering utility and maintenance savings. If in doubt of this claim, watch this video of a Caroma toilet flushing a fist-sized potato!   (CLICK HERE)

Despite these unique features, Caroma toilets are easy to install and compatible with all existing plumbing lines.

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