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Phone:  905 686 9969

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Let us be Your Virtual Plumbing Assistants:

Do you have a unique faucet or fixture and need a repair part?  Find it frustrating trying to recognize the brand and what part you need?

Plumbers Supply has the solution for you:

Our team of experts is here to identify and supply the parts you are looking for.   Our team has spent decades providing the tools to help customers identify plumbing parts and now we can do it even faster and easier using the internet.

Our eager team of parts sleuths have a combined 50 years  years of parts knowledge to meet your needs.

All we need is your input and as many photos as you can take: 

  • Photograph the part you need on a plain background
  • Take the photo of the image next to a measuring tape so we can understand the dimensions
  • Take photos of the top, bottom and side.

Next provide us with any information you might have on the fixture - any markings, names or brands:

  • On Faucets, look for brand names on the escutcheons or on the handles.
  • In toilets, look under the tank lid or inside the tank for any stamped markings

Submit it all here and we will be back to you as quickly as possible.