Residential Project:   RENOWOW!

Bathroom Spa Oasis

Toronto, Ontario

Autumn 2018

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Commercial Property: 

Tenant's Washroom

Toronto, Ontario

Summer 2017


Residential Project:

Bath Tub and Washroom Renovation

Pickering, Ontario

Autumn 2017

Phone:  905 686 9969

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Contractor's Projects:

Stonegate Kitchen and Bath

Kitchenette, Laundry and Showroom

Port Perry, Ontario

Summer/Autumn 2018

Residential Project: 

Bath Tub and Washroom Renovation

Toronto, Ontario

Summer 2017

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The team at Plumbers Supply is constantly sourcing and supplying great new products for our clients.

Whether you are working on a residential or a commercial project, the experts at Plumbers Supply will work tirelessly with you and your contractor to get the job done, on time and on budget -- Just contact the team at 905 686 9969.