Present Day:  

The challenging plumbing repair parts niche continues to be the focus and expertise of Plumbers Supply; in store as well as virtually (phone or online) throughout North America.

Whereas customers in the 1970s were all of the toilet manufacturers on the Continent, now our customer base is as wide and varied as possible:  from plumbers/designers/architects and contractors, to DIY consumers for in-home fixes.  

While the 1990’s started our foray into the world-wide-web, Plumbers Supply is now distributing products to every possible address from the Arctic Circle to the Mexican Border.  Our products are sold in our Store currently based in Pickering, as well as on our ever evolving on-line  store  (just click on the "Shop" button above

Welcome to PLUMBERS SUPPLY - a Message from the President:

1990s:  The downturn in the economy and increase in offshore manufacturing only steeled Plumbers Supply’s resolve to become bigger in a new niche market – on-line sales and distribution of plumbing repair parts - North America Wide.

2000s:  The demand for repair parts grew – Plumbers Supply the “walk-in store” was created; along with the Private Label repair Parts Brand “JAG Plumbing Products”

The Future is NOW:

As of April 4, 2016, we moved and open our new and unique store environment in Pickering four times as large as old space in Ajax.  This space is open to everyone - and we look forward to welcoming you to our new home with a coffee and a tour of the new facility located at 900 Brock Road, 3 blocks south of HWY 401 on the west side of Brock Road.  

2017 and Beyond:

While the increase in new technology makes us more efficient, it has also helped us to realize that our time is very valuable.... and we are now, more than ever, focused on being that type of innovative team that not only serves our customers with enthusiasm and flare, but that sames our customers TIME as well as MONEY.  Stay tuned for a new launch in innovative solutions for Plumbers, Building Managers and Job Sites - all will be announced soon...we promise the look of plumbing repair will be very new in 2018!

We are excited to be expanding and providing customers with our new and unique service style – a combination of Wholesale Products, Pricing and Stock, with a Retail Environment of Selection, Quality and Service – we can’t wait to welcome you to PLUMBERS SUPPLY.

Plumbers Supply has evolved to what it is today by reacting to the Canadian Economic Opportunities and Downturns with equal enthusiasm:

1960s and 1970s:  as part of a thriving manufacturing company in the plastic injection molding business, the Mantia family was the first to launch an inexpensive plastic toilet handle model that worked just as well at a fraction of the cost – to huge success.

1980s:  the company’s long standing relationship with every Toilet Manufacturer in North and South America opened a new door for Plumbers Supply to be born as the first Canadian distribution arm for numerous Toilet Brand's repair parts and plumbing equipment. With the advent of on-line selling we also followed suit launching

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